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New Zealand Game Species

hunting thar and chamois New zealand with helicopter

The Alpine regions of New Zealand provide for amazing scenery and a diversified array of hunting regions for a multitude of trophy species of medium to large game -

Imagine the thrill of a helicopter ride to the highest peaks of the nearby mountain range and a chopper pilot who precariously balances it on a narrow ridge giving you just enough time to jump out.  In a moment he is gone leaving just you and your guide standing on top of the snow capped mountain and in an errie silence as you look out accross the vast mountain peaks and valleys in front of you

You will need a reasonable level of fitness to negotiate the craggy peaks, glassing and looking for Bull Thar and Chamois that live high up in these alpine regions.  Experienced hunting guides will assist you, locating wild game animals in their natural environment and leading you through safe paths in sometimes steep country to harvest and recover your trophy.

Himalayan Tahr are large goat-like animals, native to the central Himalayan ranges of India and Nepal. Introduced to New Zealand, tahr can be found in the central Southern Alps.  The male tahr’s summer coat is a reddish-brown, females a medium brown, both turning dark brown in winter. The bull tahr has an impressive mane of long hair around the neck and shoulders.

Hunting Bull Tahr In new Zealand

(Bull Thar with golden mane)

Himalayan Tahr are popular with hunters not just for their horns, but also the male’s striking mane  which is an essential part of a good trophy.  Thar and Chamois do not lose their horns and can be hunted all year round.  Chamois in their summer coat still make for a great trophy,  but the peak season for finding a good Bull Thar with his full mane  is in the rutt.  These species are hunted in similar environments and conveniently the rutt for both species runs from May until August each year.

Hunting trophy red deer in the roar

(Red Deer in the roar)

New Zealand has incredible numbers of world class wild trophy Red deer and Fallow deer that can be hunted ……(as well as the Safari park red deer for those who seek these enourmous heads for their collection)   Other species such as Arpawara ram, Wapiti (Elk), Sambar, Sitka, Whitetail and Rusa deer are also found in various hunting regions and may be available to large game hunters coming to New Zealand.

New Zealand Fallow Deer Hunt

(NZ Free Range Trophy fallow Buck)

Trophy Red and Fallow deer can be hunted from March through until late September which is when when they begin dropping their antlers.  Premium time to get close to the biggest red stags or fallow bucks however is during their rutt (or Roar).  For Red deer this is in March/April and for the fallow deer in  April/May/June

Hunting NZ wild pigs

(NZ Wild Boar)

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The wild boar that inhabit the mountain regions can be found from the valley floors right up  to the high ridges and can often be taken as incidental trophies along with good numbers or trophy goats for those wishing to add additional species to their hunts.

NZ Trophy Goat Wanaka - New Zealand

(NZ Trophy Goat)

Day hunts for New Zealand wild Boar  with a team of dogs can be an exciting addition to your hunt and can be arranged for the enthusiast who has the energy to keep up with the dogs in this  mountainous  terrain !!

Many other unusual smaller game species exist and include rabbits, hares, ferret, stoat, hedgehog, possum and wallaby.  These can often be taken as  incidental species or can be specifically targeted on organised night hunts.

Paradise shellduck NZ hunting

(Paradise Duck - Wingshooting NZ)


For the wing shooter – Turkey, quail, several varieties of duck, canada geese, swan, pheasant , partridge and many more options are availble.   Subject to season,  hunts can be arranged during your stay and  also make a great addition to your hunting package.