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Hunting Kudu in Africa

Greater Kudu


Hunting Africa is an experience you will never forget…… Hunting Africa must be the Holy Grail of hunting for any hunter.  If you contract this disease the only way to medicate it is to keep going back !! Where else can you find such a variety and abundance of both Big and small Game like you can in Africa?  Wheterh its Dangerous game, plains game or exotic species, hunters return again and again to hunt -  the opportunity for a species not yet taken is always there


Click here for a  list of around 50 commonly hunted and available  species that can be targeted on our safaris in Africa

hunting springbok in Africa

Hunters will generally be met at the international airports when hunting South Africa or Namibia but additional charter flights will likely be used for the more remote Zimbabwe concessions.  All countries are safe to travel inwith excellent road and infrastructure.  The hunting industry has been well established in these countries and the management of game species throughought the regions ensures excellent quality of trophies on our Hunting concessions along with well set up and comfortable accomodations.   

Gunsmoke Adventures promotes fair chase hunting and our outfitters along with the Professional Hunters can provide many hunting options to cater for all hunters and their level of fitness or mobility.  

Bowhunting  in Africa continues to grow in popularity and our bow hunters also enjoy succesful trophy hunts on all available species with our experienced bow hunting guides. 

See our pages on hunting South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe