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Barry from Gunsmoke Adventure Tours

Barry is a keen Australian hunter and fisherman who grew up on farmland in Northern Victoria.  His love of hunting developed at a young age as he grew up hunting small game  (rabbits, foxes, feral cats,  pigs, goats as well as duck, quail when in season)  He now lives in Darwin, Northern Territory and has travelled much of Australia over the last two decades as well as numerous international hunting destinations

He has hunted in a large variety of  locations (Northern Territory and Central Australia, outback Queensland to Cape York, throughout Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and locations accross NSW)  and for many types of game including water buffalo, wild boar, camel, scrub bulls, wild donkey, red and fallow deer…. and all other other available smaller game - both for sport and also in a commercial capacity.

Barry now enjoys travelling to overseas destinations for fishing adventures and hunting for exotic species.  This includes travel to countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Alaska, Canada, Fiji  and New Zealand.